Saturday, June 4, 2011

The ones they truly loved... (well that i think)

Not many people like Yoko. I would have to say close to almost everyone didn't like her. I'm not saying I'm a fan of Yoko, but  I think John was truly in love with her. And if John's happy with her, or was :'(
it's goo enough for me.

Even though they divorced George was crazy about Pattie. Pattie left George because she felt neglected. George said "If thing's don't go well with Eric you can always come back to me" (that is SO sweet :)) and once she saw him at a party and asked if she was right to go to Eric and he said 'if it makes you happy then I'm ok" (Again SO sweet) he really did love her :)

Paul was CRAZY in love with Linda! He married her after a YEAR of knowing each other! He went out with Jane for 5 years and they didn't get married. I think if Linda hadn't (sadly) passed they would still be happily married :)

Maureen and Ringo :) From what i read they were so happy together. I wish they didn't split! Maureen wanted to do everything for Ringo and i think they were so happy and in love. Ringo was at her hospital bed when she died and said 'I love you Mo' so sweet! The Beatles were such romantics!

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